Save a Tree, Use Plastic???

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APS is a constant bustle of UPS, FedEx and US Postal Service trucks making deliveries and pickups.

When you’re a mail order company and have as much product going back and forth as we do, it’s kind of a given that a package is going to get lost or destroyed.

(The skill with which the latter can be accomplished is fairly impressive — we once shipped a Laser Upper Mast section encased in a PVC tube and packing materials, and had it returned with the PVC shattered and the mast bent to about a 35-degree angle. In their defense, it’s not like an Upper Mast section is built to handle heavy loads or anything…)

In all honesty though, all three services usually do a commendable job. Accidents do happen though, as was the case when we got this note from the Postal Service.

At this point, it should be noted that APS does its best to be environmentally friendly — we recycle anything we can, reuse boxes and packing materials, etc. No, we’re not guitar playing hippies who don’t wash our hair and wear hemp clothing (James can’t play the guitar… yet), but we do notice when things are kind of carelessly packaged or printed, like this regularly used USPS note that printed on plastic instead of paper.

Guess the “We Care” part doesn’t apply to the environment — or as our Receiving Manager, Arianne, put it:
“I’m glad they care. So much that they re-boxed it all in a new box with this lovely note inside. Which was printed out on plastic, not paper… ahh the government’s way of thinking: ‘Save Trees — Use Plastic'”.

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