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Sea Bin


If you’ve ever watched a skimmer on the pool and witnessed the current created by water’s surface tension flowing over a lip close to the surface then this innovation by The Seabin Project might have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Seabin is the brainchild of Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton and aims to tackle marine pollution starting on the very docks that you launch your boat from.  Every sailor has looked down as they are pulling into their slip and noticed the accumulation of small debris and rubbish that has often been trapped there from the surrounding rivers and road runoff.  Since Marinas and Yacht clubs are often naturally sheltered from current and wind, this debris often builds into small masses of plastics and other pollutants that could be skimmed from the top of the water; enter Seabin.

Seabin works by being fastened to a floating dock and remaining at the surface of the water as the tides shift.  This allows the Seabin to skim the waterway 24/7 and only requires that the catch be lifted and cleaned for the device to remain effective.  A small pump running on shore power allows the Seabin to move substantial amounts of water through its catch.  The result is a very cost effective solution to keeping a Marina or Yacht Club’s waters clean and free of debris that ultimately would make its way out of the protected waters and into the ocean where it can endanger all kinds of marine life.

With its small form factor and low operating cost the Seabin provides an alternative to traditional Marina cleaning services that are often labor intensive and time consuming.  Emptying a Seabin takes a few minutes and can be easily accomplished by existing staff as part of daily tasks.  The Seabin’s small form factor does not take up space on the dock that might otherwise be used for dockage, which is a key differentiator from some existing product offerings.  The team at The Seabin Project also offers the addition of an oil separator to the pump mechanism to further enhance the cleaning properties of the Seabin. Their manufacturing goal also includes using recycled Polyethylene to further reduce environmental impact and produce a product that is even more sustainable and hits their own benchmarks for ethnical production.

The Seabin Project has recently announced a partnership with Poralu Marine to produce the product to meet their expected ship date at the end of 2016.  Their Indiegogo Campaign raised over a quarter of a million dollars to make the Seabin a reality and provide supply for the overwhelming demand.  When The Huffington Post covered this in December they were still in their funding phase (But check out their great video here), but with their recent press release they are on target to fill orders and make the Seabin commercially available.

With distribution coming soon, you may just start noticing the Seabin cleaning the water around your boat on your next cruise or even at your home Yacht Club.  The Seabin will mean less refuse and less plastic wherever it is deployed and, who knows, it just might make cleaning the bottom of your boat more pleasant next season.

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