APS Staff Review: Seahorse International Sailing Magazine

APS Staff Review: Seahorse International Sailing Magazine
Seahorse Magazine – Our favorite International Magazine makes the perfect gift for sailing enthusiasts.  Warren Richter in Customer Service shares a short review on his favorite sailing literature…
 So I love Seahorse magazine, plain and simple. Seahorse is the official magazine of the Royal Ocean Racing Club, or RORC for short. I literally box out my colleagues when the mail comes near the end of the month just to get the first look at the new issue. For a racing sailor, it is absolutely the best periodical, hands down. It has a complete world view of sailboat racing and will support this with articulate regional (country wide) reporting from regional correspondents. Seahorse is certainly the most technical magazine in regard to the development of sailing hardware, construction, and specifically yacht design. If you want to understand the latest trends in racing yacht design, or the technical side of any hardware or new technology, then this is the magazine for you. If rating rules in use worldwide, or various parts of the world (IRC, ORR, ORCi) interest you, then seahorse will delight you as well. The in depth articles will satisfy any sailors need to know what is happening in the world of yacht racing. Developments and advances from all around the world fill the pages with clear and concise information what is occurring on the cutting edge of yacht development.
This is a great gift for the racing sailor that you don’t know what to give them, as it will keep giving 12 months out of the year.  Also, we’ve arranged a deal for our APS customers to save at least 20% off. The best part is that you can give it and you don’t even have to wrap this gift. Maybe if they are as eager as me, you will be the one getting boxed out at the mailbox next month!
Thanks Warren!
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