Slaughter Across the Water XIII

Slaughter Across the Water XIII
Every year in November the MRE (Maritime Republic of Eastport) puts on a rather serious and quite substantial Tug-of-War tournament against downtown Annapolis. In case you”ve never visited, we”ll explain the layout. There”s a bridge dividing the two communities and a 1,280 ft. long rope (made of 1-1/8″ Maxibraid Plus with a Spectra 900 core, manufactured by Yale Cordage) used for the tug that extends across the water reaching the 2 teams.

This year 7 different games were played and all proceeds went to local charities that were decided by the winning teams.

APS is located on the Eastport side, and although we were unable to tug as a team this year, we did join in on the festivities. I was able to capture some of the battles on video. Both teams had strong support from the crowds of people that came out on Saturday to cheer on their respective teams. The Annapolis Fire Department had an epic 7-minute long tug that resulted in a victory against the Annapolis Police Department. And to put out the metaphorical fire on some recent rumors that the fire department may have been “cheating”, see video footage below.

Despite some defeats, the Eastport crowd didn”t seem to mind one bit and continued to enjoy the local entertainment, delicious food and beverages. Serving chili and hot chocolate was a brilliant idea. In all, the event was a success and next year I hope to partake in the tugging and will make a mental note to leave my high heel boots at home.

Eastport vs. Annapolis

Army vs. Navy

Annapolis Fire Dept. vs. Annapolis Police Dept.

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