Sleek Rigging – Fit for a President

Sleek Rigging – Fit for a President

Often times, our riggers call really fancy work “Gucci.” They say, ‘That’s Gucci’ or ‘Very Gucci.’ The name has panache and communicates a lot. I’m taking the liberty to say today – sure, these lines have some Gucci going on, but really, they’re Yves St. Laurent. There’s no mistaking – these are some sleek lines.


For example: check out this check stay – it has been constructed from white 5/16″ Samson AS-90 – a 12-strand braid made out of 100% Dyneema SK-90. The strength of the line, along with the strand angle of the braid (which pretty much eliminates elongation) makes this a top choice for running rigging. The lines have been covered with New England DCS for abrasion-resistance.

Check Stay Running Rigging

The Samson SK-90 has been spliced around Ronstan Sailmaker’s Thimbles. In this close up shot, you can see how the cover has been finished – nice and clean, tapered and buried. What does this do? It secures the line so stays in place and gives it a finished look.

12 Strand Splice Annapolis Performance Sailing

The materials used here are some of the nicest available on the market, taking advantage of the most current line technology in all its glory. When setting out to do this job, our riggers matched that top quality. The result? Well, you see – they’re so nice, they’re practically glowing.

Why so fancy? Only the best lines can be found on the boat referred to as the “Floating White House” in Kennedy’s time, 1962-1963. Want some history? Click here to read more about the 62′ yawl called Manitou.

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