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Favorite vendors, friends and customers both old and new, the Annapolis Boat Show is the place we see them all. It”s also the time and place we get to see some new and unique products. This year I got to catch up with Tim and Dianne from Tylaska and, as usual, they didn”t disappoint me and they had something new and unique to show me. Check these out…

On the left you”ll see what looks like a standard snap shackle. But, this is no ordinary snap shackle. Notice the small slot to the left of the pull ring? That”s what makes this little guy different from anything else. This snap shackle features a locking pull pin and that little slot is where the mechanism rests. No more worries of a line or other bit getting caught around the ring ding and opening the shackle. Simply give the pin a twist and you”ll feel the locking mechanism seat keeping the pin in place. Another twist and a pull opens it all while otherwise opening and closing like any other snap shackle.

On the right you”ll see what looks like a pretty standard clevis pin. But, this is also no ordinary clevis pin. This is a clevis pin raised to the power of Tim Tylaska! If you look at the center of the pin you”ll notice there is a pin within the pin. Push this spring loaded pin in from either side with a fid, or anything pointy (I couldn”t do it with my finger), and a set of three balls retract allowing the clevis pin to enter or exit its hole. Carefully recessed, the center pin is designed not to be accidentally unloaded or to allow it to fall out. Essentially, this is like a “Fast pin” but without the protruding extra bits.

These bits are set to be officially launched at METS in a few weeks but Tim and Dianne don”t like to launch products without plenty of stock behind them so we”re not 100wp_posts.post_contenture when these pieces will be available to market. However, we”re told they”ll be available in various sizes very soon. Rest assured that if you receive our Weekly EList you”ll likely be one of the first to know. If you don”t already receive it we encourage you to sign up for it here!

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