Snowmagedon s’no match for APS!

Snowmagedon s’no match for APS!

24″ inches of snow this past weekend plus another 10-20″ today? Yep, those are the current conditions here at APS, and while the Federal and local governing officials felt it wise to shut down…we”re OPEN!

Snowy APS storefront with open flag still flying
Functioning with a skeleton crew of those that were able to walk to the shop today the phones are on. Between taking turns sledding down the street in the Opti with the “SOLD” sticker on it Steve, Warren, Kyle, James, Lynn, Mike, Katie, and Aaron are here to answer your questions and do what we can to get you what you need. Now, whether or not we can actually get your packages out is a different story. US Mail isn”t running but current word from those in brown (UPS) is that they”re trying to make pick ups. In any case, we appreciate your patience as we dig out and make every effort to get your gear out. In the mean time, feel free to give us a shout for all your sailing (and sledding apparel) needs!

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