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Wool Sock Miracle

First and foremost, thank you Molly Winans! In my humble opinion, this is perhaps the best way in the world to show scale for these size 13 wool socks. I was already feeling SpinSheet (no surprise there) – but now, my respect is even greater. Second, I should probably let you readers know why we’re reposting this photo of tape, beer, and socks….

If you’re keeping up with the APS Chesapeake Bay SpinSheet Racer Profiles, you’d know Ryan Breymaier (to-be Annapolis lifer and only American sailor in the Barcelona World Race) is suffering from some chilly feet in his co-skippered, around-the-world race.

Because gear is the name of the game at APS, I was happy Molly asked Ryan…What gear do you wish you had that you unfortunately left behind? The answer was short: he just wanted thick, 100% wool socks to fit his size 13 feet.

After reading the interview, I immediately clicked onto our site (I’m new here so still trying to get a feel for the seemingly infinite product offerings at APS) to see what we had that could help him out. After a few minutes distraction from working on our annual Spring Catalog, I decided it was time to get back to work. Sock problem not solved. Turns out shopping for men’s socks is not my forte – good intention failure.

Fast forward to Monday and nearing explanation for beer/tape socks – good news! Molly emailed with an amazing gesture of “reader love.” Just thinking about big socks and clicking on the Internet doesn’t cut it. Credit goes out to Elaine Henn. She read Ryan’s interview over the weekend, and knit the darned handsome socks pictured above. Elaine, every sailor in the world who’s had cold feet thanks you. You are awesome!

If you want to learn more about sailors and socks, we have good news for you. Have you heard of sock burnings in boating communities all over the States? Giving nod to the start of the Spring season, this tradition (or style etiquette) dictates that sailors burn their socks and wear deck shoes on naked feet from the Vernal Equinox until the cold of Winter sets in again. It’s said the origin of this tradition is rooted in the ’80s and was started by an Annapolitan yard manager who torched his socks at the end of a work day.

The tradition lives on as many will gather at the Annapolis Maritime Museum to eat oysters and start controlled sock fires March 19th this year. Are you ready?

Regarding Ryan Breymaier’s socks – Molly has put out the word, “Do Not Burn!”

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