Solomons Island Race

Solomons Island Race

Five minutes before the start of the 2011 Solomons Island Race, the crew on-board Farr 40 Yellow Jacket was busy cooking up burgers so we’d be smokin’ fast, on Fire at the start! (See Bill attempting to fit the lid on the grill…) We may not have been the most serious racers on the Bay that night, but we managed to do a pretty good job of sailing and having a little too much fun…

The wind gods were kind for our 55-mile trek down the Bay. A steady southerly breeze kept us upwind the entire race. We were guided by a full moon that may or may not have caused a little craziness on board.

About 8 1/2 hours after the start, we reached Solomons. Everyone on-board miraculously stayed awake for the entire race, mainly thanks to Bill’s espresso liquor shots! We reached Solmons at 3:11am, sleep-deprived, and looking for the infamous Solomons Bloody Marys. Only problem was, the bar at the Solomons Holiday Inn opens at 6am. So we took a power boat ride to kill some time and watch the other class boats finish. At this point, finding a comfortable place to crash would have been a great idea, but as they say, there’s no rest for the weary! At least, that was my motivating force. After the $2 spicy Bloodies, most of the crew pilled into a van and headed back to Annapolis to sleep for the rest of the lazy day. It felt like the weekend had just ended. Luckily it was only Saturday!

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