Spinlock Looks back on APS’s 20 Years

Spinlock Looks back on APS’s 20 Years feature image
UK-Based Spinlock has developed a solid reputation for rope holding over the last 30 years. Their offering doesn’t just stop with extremely well-designed and well-manufactured cleats, clutches, and jammers. Spinlock takes it to the next level with their Deckware collection – a testament to their commitment to innovation.

Here, Spinlock Special Projects gurus Jez Rowles and James Hall express their thoughts about APS and how we have evolved over the last 20 years.


1. What five words would you use to describe APS?
Clean, On-trend, Evolving, Motivated, Relevant.

2. How does APS stand out as a retailer of Spinlock products?
It’s painful watching some businesses struggle with the internet despite the size of the opportunity. Many even consider it a threat! Because of traditional manufacturer/dealer relations we, as the manufacturer, almost have one arm tied behind our back regarding e-commerce. Having a brand like APS to work with means all our developments, social, interactive, & informative get used so we all benefit. E-commerce strength is not to undervalue the store presence, but US geography is not on the side of any store-based business wishing to develop. The APS store is a beacon of light among so many frankly unpleasant marine retail experiences.

3. From your perspective, how do you think APS has influenced performance sailing in the US? In the world?
Many great products exist but lots are wrongly sold, eventually leaving the sailor dissatisfied. By having an opinion, as competitive sailors, and offering therefore informed advice – the right products must get sold to the right customer.

4. What is your favorite Boat Show memory with APS?
Very happy to see the APS athletes enjoying our hospitality during the Spinlock party last year. Glad to see we are not all taking it too seriously!

5. What is your favorite METS memory with APS?
Kyle always gives time but is rightly trying to keep moving during this busy event. He must have thought I was following him last year when, in the course of my ‘brand relations’ popped up on each stand behind him. Just further shows APS talking to the right companies.

6. What do you like about dealing with APS? APS staff?
The developed combination of professionalism & friendliness sometimes not easy to maintain.

7. What do you think is special about APS?
The team.

Spinlock is a truly great company. They carefully consider every detail when developing their various products, and the result is consistently so well done that the end-user reaps the benefits. Below, you’ll find some top Spinlock products APS recommends:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Spinlock PXR Camcleat
The PXR Cam Cleats are all about precision control, and they release easily under load. A unique three stage adjustment spring allows the user to select the appropriate release setting depending on the application.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Spinlock Deckvest

Spinlock Deckvest

Spinlock recognized an area in which racing gear was lacking and filled in the holes with their innovative Deckware collection. We think the Deckvest is the best of the bunch.

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Spinlock Tiller ExtensionsLatest and Greatest

Spinlock’s EA (asymmetric) Handle Grip Tiller extensions make the skipper’s job easier – providing more feedback, increased mobility, and comfort. Check them out – we even like the new colors. In addition to the original silver, you get your choice of graphite, citrus, or amber.

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