Star Wars II: The Wind Strikes Back

Star Wars II: The Wind Strikes Back

Much to Chris’ chagrin I just couldn’t resist another Star Wars reference for today’s post. If you recall my last one Chris , Dave from UK Sails next door and I along with the owner of the 36.7 Chris sails on and another of their crew were supposed to sail in the CBYRA high point championship. The event was this past Saturday out of Eastport Yacht Club.

Unfortunately winds gusting upwards of 35kts and steady at 20-25 kept us off the water. No big deal you say? Well I don’t totally disagree but the owners of the J/80s we were all going to borrow to sail the event didn’t feel the same way and I don’t blame them.

This is what it would have looked like if we’d gone sailing, and we’d used 420s instead.

And this is what it probably would have looked like if we’d let Chris drive.

These were some of the local high school kids who went out to show us up – their coaches promptly sent them back in after a couple of them flipped over but some of them looked like they were having a great time blasting around. Good on the kids for not backing down in the big breeze.

I’m told Warren and Aaron from the shop took out a J/80 and laid it over for a while using a chicken kite so I think the decision not to go was the right one. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of them sitting on the keel waiting for the boat to come back up.

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