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How to Replace a Latex Neck Seal on a Dry Suit

Home replacement of a neck dry suit seal is easy if you have the right tools. Follow these directions for a no fuss installation. What do You Need? A new replacement neck seal Sharp scissors Wax paper Masking tape Plastic putty spatula Latex gloves (optional) Cotol 240 cleaner & accelerant (optional) Aquaseal adhesive Sandpaper (approximately 80 grit) Newspaper Neck Seal Replacement Kit consisting of: Large cup 6 x spring clamps Base circle form 2 x half-moon forms Double sided stick […]

How to Maintain and Protect Sailing Dry Suit Seals

Maintaining and protecting your sailing dry suit seals will add life to your dry suit. We will show you how to: Prevent seal dry rot Reduce seal UV degradation from the sun Prevent seals from ‘melting’ during storage Reduce stress on seals when putting on a dry suit Dry Suit Maintenance Products These are the items you will want to keep in your gear bag: UV Tech – This is a water-based protectant and re-plasticizer for latex rubber.  The naturally […]