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How to Choose the Right Type of Sailing PFD | Expert Advice

What sailing PFD is the right PFD for you? Well, that’s a great question and we’re here to help. We have put together a simple guide to understanding the different kinds PFD’s we offer and how to choose the right one for your type of sailing. Here are the sailing PFD and buoyancy aids that covered: Buoyancy Aid: Lightweight, low-profile, less bulk. These are a good option for small and sporty keel boats, like a Melges 20 or J-70. I love mine! […]

Sailing Packing List for a Mid Distance Race | Expert Advice

Take a look at what made the cut for the Mid Distance Sailing Packing List As the sailing season gets back into full swing, many sailors will be gearing up for mid-distance races such as Annapolis to Bermuda and Newport to Bermuda — both excellent races to push personal and equipment limitations. I’m sailing the Annapolis to Bermuda.  For this race, I’ll be packing all (except for my foul weather gear, boots, and PFD) my gear into a 30 Liter gear bag for weight […]

SOAK Dogbone Shackle | Expert Review

8/2016 NOTE: This product is currently out of production.  check out our other dogbones here These shackle alternatives are super simple, lightweight and easy to use. In the video below I will show you our preferred method for using the SOAK Dogbone Shackle. There are certainly other ways to use this clever invention but the method shown below is how we intend our custom rigging that utilizes the dogbone (like our J70 tackline) to be installed. The best uses for a dogbone shackle […]

How to Replace Laytex Dry Suit Seals | Expert Advice

Doing drysuit repair work on a once 100% waterproof garment may seem like something you can only leave to the pros, but as you will see here, it’s a pretty straight forward job. All you need is the proper drysuit repair materials and a little bit of know-how. I recently had to replace the wrist seal on my suit so I put together a video showing the steps for replacing a seal. The same technique works for any of the seals on […]

How to Apply Laser Sail Numbers | Expert Advice

Laser Sail Number Placement: The Do’s and Don’ts and what you need to know. You may or may not know this but when it comes to laser sail numbering there are a handful of specific rules you need to follow for your Laser Sail to be considered class legal. In order for your sail to be class legal for any international event the sail number will need to be the right colors, in the right color order, the right size, […]

How to Rig Opti Pennant Plugs and Sail Ties | Expert Advice

UPDATE: Now with HD video instructions! See below. So you have your shiny new Gold Anodized Opti Pennant Plug ready to go, but just need a little help adding the new bling to your opti race mast? No worries, we’re here for you every step of the way to look over your shoulder and critique your every move… or we could just give you a few tips to get it done. So here we go.. First order of business: Grab some Opti […]

Whats in the Sailing Bag: Middle Distance Racer feature image

Whats in the Sailing Bag: Middle Distance Racer | Expert Advice

It’s St. Mary’s College Governor’s Cup time again. One of the APS employees is packing up his sailing bag and headed out for a night of bounding down the Chesapeake. Customer Service rep, Matt was willing to give us a peak at the gear in his sailing bag to give people an idea of what he packs for a middle distance race. For those that don’t know the Governor’s Cup is a  night race starting at 6pm just off Annapolis and […]

How to Whiplock Line Ends | Expert Advice

It’s a rainy afternoon here in Annapolis. A day you can’t get out on the water or work in the yard shouldn’t be wasted away.  Here are some great indoor projects to keep you going on days like these… Learn to do a Standard Whiplock: This video by the APS rigging department will show you how to accomplish your own whiplock end for your running rigging. What tools and supplies will you need? Some line Whipping Twine Needles