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Tylaska Shine: Get Your Boat Ready for Spring! feature image

Tylaska Shine Stainless Polish | Expert Review

This product is no longer available, but check out Sure Shine Is your boat ready for some spring cleaning?  With these warm temperatures, it’s a great excuse to spend some hours outside, even in winter. Tylaska Shine gives the stainless on your boat that shine it deserves! Shine has been developed for use in the marine, aviation, automotive, motorcycle industries.  Designed to easily remove stains and to clean, polish and protect in just one application. We recommend it for: – Stainless Steel – […]

Product Review: CorrosionX and RejeX feature image

CorrosionX and RejeX for Sailboats | Expert Review

It’s about time to break out the boat from winter storage and start getting it ready for spring. We’ve got boat maintenance on the mind and found some interesting new products from Corrosion Technology. Originally designed for the military, these are hard-wearing, proven products. RejeX is a high gloss finish that also protects. Designed to work on any hard, non-porous surface, it’s a long-lasting substitute for wax. Also, you can say good bye to rust and corrosion with CorrosionX. With […]

Wrap it up!

Dynaglide Teflon and UHMWPE Sailboat Tapes | Expert Advice

My father always preached to me about safety. “Don”t drink and boat, wear a PFD, and always wrap your ring dings,” he”d say. Of course, I may or may not have taken those life lessons to mean “always make sure your beer has a coozie so your hands don”t get cold” but that”s not what today”s lesson is about. Today”s lesson has to do more with the latter part of his suggestions. Wrapping it up…with tape! If duct tape is […]