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Laser Dolly Options and How to Assemble Them | Expert Advice

  Looking for a Laser dolly? Not sure which one is right for you and for that matter, how the heck do you assemble them? Well, have no fear, we’ve got two great options to choose from and we’ll get to the assembling part a little later. What are your dolly options? When it comes to One Design Dollies there are two main brands to choose from; the Seitech Laser Dolly and the Dynamic Laser Dolly.  Both are well constructed with lightweight […]

How to Make a Handle for Sailboat Control Lines | Expert Advice

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. They called the Ghostbusters and they’re in control. Bobby Brown sure knew about lyrics, and handling business but I’m guessing he didn’t know much about making a control line handle for performance sailboats. Thankfully, I know a bit more about that subject, well, the control line subject that is.. Making a braided control line handle is easier than you may think and super useful for any control line that you want to grip quickly and […]

How to Install Laser Deck Hardware | Expert Advice

Learning how to install Laser deck hardware is a breeze. Just grab you Marine Silicone, your deck hardware of choice like the ones found in this Laser Cunningham/Outhaul Power Pack Kit and you’ll be back on the water sailing in no time. When you get a brand new baby Laser dinghy, you will find that the Cam Cleat and Plate deck hardware has not yet been installed. These parts are included with your rigging package along with the screws needed for installation. If you’re upgrading […]

How to Apply Laser Sail Numbers | Expert Advice

Laser Sail Number Placement: The Do’s and Don’ts and what you need to know. You may or may not know this but when it comes to laser sail numbering there are a handful of specific rules you need to follow for your Laser Sail to be considered class legal. In order for your sail to be class legal for any international event the sail number will need to be the right colors, in the right color order, the right size, […]

How to Rig Opti Pennant Plugs and Sail Ties | Expert Advice

UPDATE: Now with HD video instructions! See below. So you have your shiny new Gold Anodized Opti Pennant Plug ready to go, but just need a little help adding the new bling to your opti race mast? No worries, we’re here for you every step of the way to look over your shoulder and critique your every move… or we could just give you a few tips to get it done. So here we go.. First order of business: Grab some Opti […]

Star Rigging Perth Style feature image

Star Sailboat Custom Running Rigging Upgrades | Expert Advice

Former APS employee Ian Coleman is down in Perth, Western Australia getting ready for the ISAF Worlds. Racing with Andrew Campbell in the Star Fleet, the skipper and crew want to do well.  If they do, they will have the opportunity to represent the US in the London Olympics in summer 2012. Sailing at such a high level all the time wreaks havoc on rigging. For example, Ian estimates all of the Star’s running rigging needs to be replaced twice a […]

Sailing Accessories: Hats and Sunglasses, An Opti-MUST Have Item

Hats and Sunglasses for Opti Sailors | Expert Advice

Sailing Accessories like Hats and Sunglasses are a MUST for sailors and Opti-MUST sailors alike With the summer season winding down and only a a few weeks left before schools are back in session we can be comforted by the thought that the regatta calendar is not completely done for the year. If you’re like me and happen to have made the mistake of enjoying summer time sailing without one of the most important Sailing Accessories (i.e. head wear) then you […]

APS One Design Pre-Spec’d Rigging

J/24 Pre-Spec’d Running Rigging Examples | Expert Advice

APS outfits a range of One Design boats from keelboats like the Melges 24 and Sonar to dinghies like the Optimist and Thistle. Every class has rules about rigging – and the APS Rigging Department has put together class legal packages for sheets, control lines, and halyards. What does this mean for you? No measurements! Pre-Spec’d means pre-specified – you just pick your favorite line. Check out what our riggers did for a J/24 last week: Annapolis This topping lift […]