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Freestyle Mariner Watch | Expert Review

 This product is no longer avaiable, but check out other sailing watches here And GUN!  The class flag goes up; 5 minutes to the next start, and no one caught the sequence because sandwiches are still on deck!?!? Worry not, because YOU have The Mariner Watch by Freestyle.  Go ahead and start the timer, and around minute 4 you can get spot on synchronization with the tap of a button.   Yes, a sync button.  But wait there’s more… This puppy is called the […]

Gill Neoprene Winter Sailing Gloves | Expert Review

Check out thee updated Gill Neoprene Winter Sailing Gloves here Gill gloves like with all winter sailing gloves are a game of trade-offs. Unfortunately, there is no true silver bullet. Historically either the gloves are warm but too thick and/or not grippy enough or they’re plenty dexterous but too thin and not warm enough for frostbiting. The gloves that do everything well tend to be really expensive. This glove has been replaced by a new Gill neoprene glove and can be found Winter sailing […]

Musto Boots Review: HPX Boot with OutDry feature image

Musto HPX Boot with OutDry® | Expert Review

This product is no longer available, but check out our selectiono of waterproof and breathable boots here I was asked to write this review about the HPX Leather Musto Boots with Outdry® a while back, but I wanted to make sure that I wore them a lot before giving my opinion. So use them I have. I used them in Annapolis’ warm weather, on the Bermuda Ocean Race, up at the NYYC Regatta, on rainy days, and most recently while teaching little kids […]

Adidas Boat CC Lace Shoe | Expert Review

Note: This product is no longer available.  Check out our other deck shoes here  Charleston Race Week was the perfect venue to test out the new Adidas Boat CC Lace Shoes.  I was able to see how they did in just about any condition – socks, no socks, hot, cold, dry conditions, rain, dry decks, wet decks, calm waters, and pretty good sized waves. Overall, I was pretty impressed with them.  They are super lightweight, breathable and fast drying and […]

APS Pro Splicing Kit – One of the Best Sailing Gifts Ever feature image

APS Pro Line Splicing Kit | Expert Review

‘Looking for a perfect gift for a do-it-yourself sailor?… and yes, it’s perfectly natural to feel some personal gear lust as you’re out there shopping around. There’s already been a fair bit of buzz going on about the APS Pro Splicing Kit – and the author of the post below (and creator of the kit) says this would be at the top of his list if he didn’t have all the components already. Read on as

Ronstan Windshift Sunglasses | Expert Review

NOTE: These sunglasses are no longer available. Check our our selection of other sailing sunglasses here. The Aussies take sun protection very seriously, and the Melbourne-based marine company Ronstan is no exception. Introducing the brand new (and well thought-out) Windshift Sunglasses! What makes these ‘sunnies’ stand apart from the rest? The TR-90 frame is tough. Despite having a stiffness that gives the frames a quality feel, they have a high flexural fatigue threshold. The glasses come in two colors: White/Blue […]

Musto OutDry Waterproof Gloves – Seal out Water, Wind, and Cold feature image

Musto OutDry Waterproof Gloves | Expert Review

NOTE: These gloves are no longer avaiable, but sheck out our other cold weather sailing gloves Seal out Water, Wind, and Cold. No one is trying to scare you off. We’re just encouraging you to think ahead. The time is nigh to consider how your digits are going to stay warm and dry when the temperatures start to drop and cold weather sailing starts up again. (For those of you sailing in cold climes year round: fist off, you rock. […]

Zhik Boat Shorts and Boardies feature image

Zhik Boat Shorts and Boardies | Expert Review

Zhik has been at it again, expanding their line to meet the needs of racing sailors. With their ever-expanding line of clothing, they’ve added and redesigned shorts to further make their mark in the sailing world. Their boat shorts underwent a redesign this year, making them even more rugged to stand up against tough decks. They’ve also added a new boardie short, a classic board short with a little Zhik styling. Both are comfortable and fashionable to keep up with […]