Taking One for the Company

The following was written by APS’ President, Kyle. I shed many a tear for him for taking on this assignment — and by many, I mean zero.

Well look who got the dirty job…


The sacrificial lamb.

I took it upon myself to take one for the team and head out on a miserable research assignment so no one else would have to. While everyone was dealing with freezing weather in Annapolis, I headed for the tropical horror of the Caribbean.

I was tasked with searching out one of APS’ international customers, the Laser Training Center in Cabarette, Dominican Republic. Let me tell you, this place is the bomb. It is laid back, clean, professionally run and the equipment is all kept in like-new condition. You can rent one of their spankin’ new Lasers or windsurfers, schedule some coaching, participate in clinics, just go sailing on your own or do what I did – keep the bartender company (yes, they have an “on campus” bar).

The field work for this documentary exhausting. I frequently had to find my way to a beach lounge or hammock, shaded by a palm tree, with the waiters bringing me beer so cold it was sometimes slushy. Did I mention that vendors would wander the beach and sell you snacks or offer massages? Yeah… anything to breath life back into my withered body.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I’d highly recommend stopping by. It’s just a hop, skip and a 6-hour plane ride!

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