Team APS Rocks Thursday Night Racing in Annapolis

Supporting our Favorite Sport

Those of you who have been following the Stern Scoop have probably heard us talk about Thursday night sailing here in Annapolis. It”s organized by J-World and they hold races for J/22s, J/24s and J/80s starting at 6:30 during the summer.

Last night Rob and I were supposed to go sailing on a J/22 but the vessel was in need of a little repair work that we just weren”t able to get done in time. In lieu of racing we took out our boss” powerboat to watch and film some of the action – along with maybe a little bit of heckling our friends.

We had 6 APS employees out racing with photo evidence to prove it below. They got two races off in a light 5-7 kt breeze and it was a beautiful night to be out on the water.

Sailing the J/80 Spank Me were customer service reps Warren and Aaron along with newly promoted Katie who is now working upstairs with Chris on the website. They had a great night rounding this mark in 2nd as they hoist the kite. Aaron made sure to let everyone know the next morning that Katie popped him in the jaw during this hoist – apparently there”s a little tough love to be found between the crew of Spank Me.

Jarrett from the rigging department sails with the J/24 Milenium Falcon. Jarrett has told me that this crew is faster than a ship in hyperspace on the Kessel Run (my words, not his) and they sure look like it here.

Jarrett on bow of Milenium Falcon

Mike from our fulfillment department sailed on the boss”s J/22 doing bow. On the way back in, they let him drive for a little bit, and he passed this pressure filled test with flying colors – don”t worry Kyle that streak down the port side will buff right out.

Last but not least, the Stern Scoop”s very own Chris regularly does bow on the J/22 Handbasket and last night he was showing his graceful prowess on the pointy end as usual. Honestly though he doesn”t actually fall off the boat that often, but luckily we were there with camera in hand to document this for everyone. I”ve even ordered a life size blow up to mount on the wall above his desk.

A night of sailboat race spectating wouldn”t be complete with some video commentary so here is a clip of the 2nd J/22 windward mark rounding with some color commentary from Rob and yours truly. I really feel like Rob has a potential career in on the water commentary but he may not be getting off to the right foot with some of the others in the industry…

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