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I guess Chris has been really stressing out with me down here in sunny Florida for the week – I hope none of you will hold it against him if he’s cracking under the pressure of trying to run this blog without me. It’s hard work and I don’t envy him for doing it all himself.

But back to Florida… We just finished day 3 of racing here at Thistle Midwinters East in St. Petersburg. It’s been a difficult regatta so far – pretty shifty conditions the first two days and today got pretty light. We’ve been sailing well but had a couple deep finishes today that set us back in the standings.

The regatta has been awesome – the Thistlers are a great bunch of sailors and it’s a really competitive fleet. Almost everyone has been up and down, Greg Fisher is winning so far in relatively dominant fashion with much more consistent results than most.

The starts have been tough and we haven’t executed as well there as we’d like. There’ve been a lot of OCS’s in the fleet which is hard to come back from in this no throw-out regatta. Thankfully our score sheet is alphabet soup free but we’ve had two races where we had to duck back to clear and then claw our way back into the race as best as we could.

The water in Tampa Bay isn’t too warm and it’s been in the high 50s low 60s for the first few days of the regatta so we’ve been pretty geared up. Here’s my skipper Joe and fellow crew Mattie standing in front of our boat before racing today with all our gear laid out to dry.

It’s been great sailing down here, and it’s not too bad to be out of the office for 10 days either. Hopefully they’ll have shoveled all the snow out of the way by the time I get back.

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