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International 505 Jib Sheets
Talk about labor-intensive with high performance results. These jib sheets are made of that sweet high tech double braid Dinghy Control Line by FSE Robline featuring color-coded polyester covers with a Dyneema SK-75 Core. Measuring 1/4″ – this line has a tensile strength of 3,700 lbs. Tough and strong. What’s extra sexy about these sheets is the fact they have a smooth tack with tapered and buried covers.

APS Rigging International 505 Jib Sheets

Skinny on the Smooth Tack – Works really well on Small Boats
It’s the nature of the brummel splice or luggage tag to have kind of an “angled area” (sorry for our lack of a technical word for this – please comment any good ideas…) where the line exits the splice or the loop respectively. That “angled area” is likely to chafe or get hung up on something when you’re tacking. With a smooth tack, we’re going for a smooth transition. Read: No more nameless angled area! Hurrah!
APS Rigging International 505 Jib Sheets
APS Rigging solution for this: Measure your line for sheets, mark that middle spot. From there, pull out roughly 18″ of core (or however long depending on which boat you’re working with), brummel splice it, and stick the core back it back into its cover. The result is a smooth point – cover over the place where the brummel exits – that will glide easily over shrouds. Our goal here is to have one less thing to think about; one less spot to chafe and/or get hung up on something.

The APS Riggers are pretty darned talented. Let your imagination run wild with possibilities, and these guys can make your dreams a reality. Click here to view just some of the possibilities.

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4 Responses

  1. All right. After little debate – we're going to go with Grunion! Thanks for the input. …Where are you from? Do you know that a grunion is actually a small fish?

  2. Hi,

    Could you not in a series of picutures illustrate how this is done? I did not quite get the instructions.


    Stockholm, Sweden

  3. Hi Anders,

    It's a good idea to do a step-by-step how to on making a 'smooth tack.' Though, I don't want to reveal all our secrets with pictures. As a compromise, I'll write out the basics.

    1. Find the middle point on your line.
    2. From that point, pull out half of the core.
    3. Make your brummel splice.
    4. Using a fid (and some patience), stuff the exposed core back into its cover.
    5. Stitch a little around the new 'smooth tack' so the cover stays in place.

    If you were using two covers, you would taper and bury the opposing covers into each other.

    Our riggers can make these sheets with a variety of line in any length so if you think you'd like one for your boat, let us know!

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