How to use a Rescue Knife when Sailing

Having a safety rescue knife as part of your sailing gear is a small investment that offers a lot of peace of mind. Today we are taking a look at both the Spinlock “S” Cutter Safety Knife and the Gill Harness Rescue Tool.

Spinlock Deckware Safety Rescue Knife

The Spinlock “S” Cutter Safety Rescue Knife offers an instinctual design when grabbing it to use. For quick access in an emergency, the S-Cutter can be Velcro attached (in its own Pouch) to any life jacket or harness belt. It has a lanyard that attaches to the pouch so you won’t lose it if dropped. The stainless steel blade has a protective wax coating that will easily break away when used.

Gill Harness Rescue Tool & Webbing Cutter rescue knife

The Gill Harness Rescue Tool is similar in design and comes with a lanyard that can be attached to any part of your gear as well as a “belt loop” sheath.  This sheath is made to stay where you put it for the time being. This rescue knife also sports a shackle key which is always nice to have.


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