Velocitek Looks back on APS’s 20 Years

Velocitek Looks back on APS’s 20 Years feature image

Talk about innovation – Velocitek is responsible for bringing GPS based devices to the forefront of performance racing. Here, in honor of APS’s 20th Anniversary, Velocitek President Alec M. Stewart reflects on the relationship his company has shared with APS in the last 6 years.


1. How did your relationship with APS come about?
Here’s the email I got from Rob Beach (Director of Marketing alum at APS) back in 2006:

“We have had a few inquiries regarding whether or not we carry your products. This leads us to wonder if you have dealers, only sell direct, or both. If you do have dealers, or would consider having them, what can we do about becoming one?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and receiving any information you could provide.


Rob Beach”

APS was our first dealer in the US.

2. How does APS stand out as a retailer of Velocitek products?
APS sells more Velocitek products than any other independent retailer. I think a big part of this success is the time that the staff takes to understand our products so they can properly explain them to prospective customers.

3. What has been a high point for you when working with APS or APS Staff?
The level of professionalism, integrity and follow-through I experience when I deal with APS as a vendor or a customer is always impressive. I also appreciate it every time Lynn (APS Purchasing Manager) tells me to “have a nice day.”

4. What success has Velocitek shared with APS?
APS was our first dealer and has been our biggest independent retailer year in, year out, ever since. I can say without a doubt that the success of Velocitek and probably the entire existence of the GPS instrument product category would not have been possible without the support of APS.

5. What five words would you use to describe APS?
Competent, responsive, honest, organized, friendly

6. What do you think is special about APS?
The whole organization is permeated by a culture of integrity and professionalism. This constantly shows up in how APS interacts with customers, vendors, and the community. As an entrepreneur, I find APS to be an inspiration and proof that you can do well by being fair, honest, and taking a long-term perspective.


It means a lot to the staff at APS to be recognized for high morale and a good work ethic – so you can imagine how we take feedback like this. Realizing the impact GPS technology could have on the sailing industry was cutting edge back in 2005, and the benefits for racing sailors everywhere are clear today. Way to go Velocitek!

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