Maffioli NewSwift Line | Expert Review

NOTE:  This line is no longer available.  Check out these new similar lines

Continuing our features about some of the lines we carry here at APS today we’re going to discuss Maffioli’s line NewSwift. Now NewSwift isn’t so new anymore – it’s been around for a little while. We’re doing some new things with it here at the shop that are pretty cool and I think it’s a line worth turning the spotlight on.

NewSwift is available in four sizes and three colors. It has a great hand feel similar to the Swiftcord and doesn’t flatten out under load. The downside is that NewSwift is stiffer, but it does become a bit more flexible with use.

And so without further gilding the lily and no more ado; here’s today’s video.

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  1. I love this stuff and have been getting it from another source as I have not seen it on your website in a while.

    In the tapered application you mentioned, I assume that you are swapping out the normal core with the 1/8″ Amsteel and then burying the cover into that?

  2. We actually don’t swap out the whole core. The Amsteel is spliced into the core of the NewSwift beneath the cover and then the cover is buried into the Amsteel. So the core of the NewSwift remains for most of the covered length.

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