A visit with the Gill Sailing Gear Experts

Everyone at APS was up bright and early this Wednesday morning and ready for school as the guys from Gill stopped by to get us up to date on the very latest in Gill Sailing gear and technology.mu

Our commitment to being the most knowledgeable source for sailing gear and hardware drove us to the makeshift classroom provided very graciously by the shipping department. Jerry Richards (Gill North America) was at the store with the updated Gill sailing gear line and some useful data about how to layer correctly and why it’s vital. Jerry  had a many new items on hand, but the one that peaked the interest of the whole APS crew was the Keel Boat collection (a.k.a. KB1).


The feel and flex of the material was one of the most interesting aspects of the range (KB1 Smock, KB1 Jacket, KB1 Salopettes) along with the highly optimized cut and stretch made for movement. Gill also moved the traditional stretch material from the shoulder straps to the back of the Trouser to help improve flexibility when in a bending or crouching stance.

Another trend we are seeing from the industry is less pockets: Why take away pockets? Gill and other companies have found that double layering breathable waterproof material will cause those areas to be less effective. Sloughing off a few pockets gives the material you just spent your hard earned dollars on a chance to do its job.


These changes don’t necessarily eliminate storage as they combine the typical hand-warmer pocket with the storage pockets giving them dual functionality.

Proper dress is key to having a successful day on the course. Energy is constantly wasted by your body trying to keep warm in between races.

Have a question about why your jacket isn’t warm enough or what type of pants you need for overnight racing? Give our customer service number a call or pop into the store front and talk to the most knowledgeable staff around.

class dismissed..

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