Wake Skating

When I was researching the Teva Gnar shoe to write the review I put up earlier I came across some promotional material from Teva including some videos they filmed. There were a couple different ones highlighting different portions of the shoe and they were fairly well done, but the guy kept saying that one of the things the shoe was good for was wake skating.

I didn’t think much about it at first since I figured he was either making it up or he had meant to say wake boarding. I googled it though and it turns out that wake skating is actually something people do and its pretty much what you’d think – its a dude with a board with grip tape on it and no bindings getting pulled behind a ski boat. I guess those guys who water ski off the back of Farr 40s on top of the floor boards were on to something – and they should all go get some Teva Gnars so they can really show off their stuff during the next postponement.

Here’s some Australians telling us what wake skating is all about:

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  1. Love those Aussies … they have an uncanny ability to make the hardest (and stupidest) things look really easy!

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