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Warm Sailing Hats

As a performance sailor, you probably already know that proper warm winter sailing hats are extremely important when conditions are chilly. At APS, we have a full selection of warm hats to keep you on the water all year long.

If you’re looking for simple hat that will keep you warm, you’ll want a classic knit hat, generally referred to as a “beanie”. We have a good variety of beanies at APS because they are great for both on the water and off.

Zhik Sailing Hat Beanie

Sailing Hats like the Zhik Sailing Beanie are minimalist yet fuzzy and functional with a fleece lining and an array of fun colors.  If that doesn’t quite cut it the Musto Windstopper Knit Hat pulls out all the stops when it comes to warmth and wind blocking with Gore-Tex Windstopper construction.

Gill Helmsman Sailing Hat

If you’re looking for a hat to wear in the cold rain or snow, you’ll want a waterproof one. Good thing we have plenty! One option is the Gill Helmsman Hat, that is simple but does the trick and packs in every feature you need to stay warm and dry.

If you’re more the sombrero type (Arrrrrrrrrrrrrriba!), you’ll want the Outdoor Research Snoqualmie Sombrero. You can’t beat this totally weatherproof option with a larger brim to keep off that passing shower (rain or snow).

To stay comfortable on the water year-round, see our entire selection of warm hats and accessories here.

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