Weekend Sailing Haiku

Weekend Sailing Haiku

The following is a haiku from our very own Customer Service Representative & Poet Laureate, Aaron Freeman. We’re going to let the great literary scholars of our time debate where this effort resides in the pantheon of haiku’s, but it does sum up the weekend nicely.

First though, a little background information for those of you who aren’t familiar with the topic of the haiku, the Turkey Bowl. It’s an annual J/22 Regatta here in Annapolis, held in conjunction with Thanksgiving, where the winner of the event actually wins a turkey (a 23-pounder this year). Personally, I think it would be much cooler if the award was a live turkey, but early reports indicate that Butterball had taken the spryness out of this particular bird.

So anyways, 17 boats registered for the event, but only 10 brave (possibly insane) teams actually ventured out to the race course on Saturday morning. Temps hovered just above freezing and there was a fairly sporty breeze of about 20-25kts; when all was said and done, it was APS’ very own Warren Richter and Aaron Freeman (along with Gene Peters) winning the event.

Oh yeah, the haiku… right. So here it is, an Aaron Freeman original:

Turkey Bowl race day
It’s cold blowing dogs off chains
Masts hitting water

Warm in Bora boots
R1 and Musto toasty
Extreme gloves hands cold

Boats fast giddy-up
Three great races thanks RC
Happy Thanksgiving

Aaron Freeman is a member of our Customer Service team and is also the unofficial Team Gear guru for those of you looking to do an embroidery/dye sub/screen/heat transfer order — reach him at 800/729.9767, ext. 113.

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