Why do you need a Base Layer When Sailing?

Patagonia base layer thermal underwear
I’ve been hearing this song on the radio saying ‘it’s all about that base’ and I think they’re talking about a Base Layer, right? Yes, that must be it because when it comes to being comfortable on the water, its really is, all about the base layer.
It doesn’t matter if you have a fully waterproof foul weather jacket and pants. If underneath that fancy sailing gear you’re dripping in sweat with a cotton tee shirt on, you are going to be freezing. Mark my word. You maybe even find yourself questioning why you enjoy the sport of sailing in the first place and at some point you may catch yourself pleading with God to keep the race committee from starting another race. Don’t let this happen to you. Moral of the story.. No. Cotton. On. The. Water.

Base layers are made out of quick drying materials and
constructed in a manner designed to wick body moisture away from your body so that it can evaporate as opposed to having your own private wet tee shirt contest inside your foulies leaching heat and energy away your body.  Dry = Comfortable
They come in a variety of garments (underwear, shirt, or pants for example) and styles (short sleeve, long sleeve, or zip neck) so you’re dry and comfortable in a wide range of conditions and activity levels.


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  1. Please take note of Matts 'quick smile' at the 15 second mark. Truly an actor displaying the craft as it should be done.

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