How Tylaska Spool Shackles Work | Expert Advice

While it may look like a spool for your mother’s sewing machine it most certainly is not. A Spool Shackle is yet another light-weight shackle option for sailboats looking to keep things simple and decrease weight.

spool shackle

Unlike a conventional knots on halyards, sheets, or outhauls, a spool shackle will not jam up. It will remain easy to fasten and unfasten, even after being under high load.

Spool Shackles have exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The key to the magic of its strength is the line that you use. The line supplies the strength while the shackle redirects the force.

They work with both conventional and hi-tech lines with a “looped end”. This looped end can be a pre-made eye splice, or a simple overhand knot loop.

The Tylaska Spool Shackle comes in several different sizes to match the size of line intended for use. All you need to do is figure out what size line you need and match the shackle to it.

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