Choosing a Mast Harness for Sailing: which one is for you?

Going up the mast doesn’t have to be scary or difficult! Take the scary and the difficult out of the equation with two options; a Bosun’s Chair, or a Mast Harness. To know which option will work for you depends on how long you will be up the rig, and where the boat is when the need occurs.

Spinlock Mast Harness

If you are just doing some quick fixes, or you’re in “race mode” on stand-by to fly up the mast, a Mast Climbing Harness is what you’re looking for.

While it may not be a comfortable option for the long haul repairs, it may be the most sensible option for racing sailors. They are easier to wear while racing and are a whole lot easier to store in a sailing bag.

A mast harness is ergonomically shaped to move with you. Instead of sitting and being pulled up in a seat, a harnesses will offer more mobility to move and climb around on the mast.

Bosun's Chair mast harness

If your mast work is going to take any longer than 10 minutes, then you’ll be glad you have a Bosun’s Chair. The padded seat, and back support makes this a more comfortable, stable option for extended periods of time.

Bosun’s Chairs often come with multiple pockets and attachment points. This allows you to bring your tools and supplies aloft with you for quick and easy repairs.

Unlike a mast harness, these chairs are not designed to for use while underway. They are best used when docked or in calm waters. They are a great accessory for every boat owner to have on board.

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