Year End Sales and Promotions Coming to an End!

Year End Sales and Promotions Coming to an End feature image

Ahh!!! It’s that scene in the movie where giant gorillas are knocking down skyscrapers, stomping on smart cars devoid of people, and making terrible noises with teeth bared.

Run for the hills – and try to stop screaming so loudly! ┬áThe deals are ending!!

Well, maybe you’re right. It might not be that dramatic – but it is kind of a bummer…

If you’re interested in getting FREE gear before year-end, read the following closely:

Promotion What do you get? What do you have to do? End Date
Henri Lloyd FREE Men’s or Women’s Bibs or a Storm Barrel Gear Bag Buy 1 of 3 Jackets – The Vista, Women’s Vista, Atmosphere, or Symphony Dec 24th
Gill FREE Cable Knit Beanie and/or a Personal Rescue Knife Purchase $150 – $300 worth of Gill Gear (Redemption Coupon) Dec 28th
LaserPerformance FREE GoPro Buy a Boat (To take advantage, contact John Maloney at 800.729.9767) Dec 31st
McLaughlin FREE Dolly, Bottom Cover, or Race Sail Buy a Boat (FREE Gear Coupon) Dec 31st
Steiner Money-back! Purchase Marine Series Binoculars (Send in Rebate Form) Dec 31st

*For those of you who do not recognize him, the image above has been borrowed from the 1933 film King Kong and represents the title character. Although King Kong may not be a sailor, we’re sure he’d take a liking to these deals in their final count down!

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