You’ve got mail…

You’ve got mail…

Runny noses and pollen dust covering your car mean one thing around these parts, the APS catalog is hitting mailboxes. That’s right, Spring is in full swing and USPS’ finest have their satchels stuffed with the racing sailors best printed resource for gear. We’ve been hinting about its new properties and characteristics here for weeks but it’s all over now. The secret is out and so is our 2009 catalog.

From Apparel to Vipers we’ve got tons of the latest new gear! Viper you say? Yep, we’ve added not one but SIX new classes including the Viper 640 to the one design offering. And Apparel? Oh boy, do we have some of that. This year we’ve added 16 more pages of it. That’s 52 glorious color pages of the best and widest selection of apparel and team gear available anywhere. How about color pages? Yep, after many years of having the middle section in black and white and many requests to change it we’ve finally gone full color for all 168 pages. We’re proud of what we’ve put together here this year and think you’ll be pleased with our work.

So, do us a favor and pay us the ultimate compliment…keep this space reserved because our little buddy the catalog is on its way and ready to spend a year in a reading room near you.

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