Zhik Looks back on APS’s 20 Years

Zhik Looks back on APS’s 20 Years feature image

Zhik, the Australia-based marine outfitter that rocks edgy graphics and innovative products suits some of the ‘Fastest Wet Athletes’ in the world. Sponsoring international speed stars including windsurfers, dinghy sailors, and fast cat hellions – this is a brand that has the performance racer (and only the performance racer) in mind.

Here’s what the folks from Down Undah have to say about APS as we celebrate 20 years in the biz:


1. From your perspective, how do you think APS has influenced performance sailing in the US? In the world?
APS was the first dealer in the USA to sell Zhik gear. That in itself says everything! They recognized the differences and supported them.

2. What about APS influenced you to approach us about bringing your products to market in the US?
I remember when Kyle told me about MAP pricing, and handed me a list of fleet sizes. We developed Sunfish, V15, 420 hiking straps for the US market with APS help.

3. How has teaming up with APS shaped the course of the future for Zhik?
APS gave Zhik a US presence when we first started. That shaped us up quite a bit!

4. Why did you select APS as an avenue through which you would bring your products to market?
Is this question like an obviousness test…? Derrrr.

5. What is special about APS?
APS “gets it.” They listen to everybody, and make their own educated choices. The philosophy at APS is similar to Zhik. Independent thinking. Fit for purpose.

6. What five words would you use to describe APS?
Here are three…“Amazingly Professional Service”


Zhik is a little bit like Chuck Norris – they don’t just think outside of the box – they create the box, and roundhouse kick their way to greatness. Here are some Zhik products that have changed the performance sailing market for the better:

Annapolis Performance Sailing APS Zhik Deckbeaters Shorts Pants


If you haven’t tried them, you should. These padded neoprene pants and shorts were designed to be wet sailing hiking outer gear – but because they up the anty on deck comfort, even folks on larger keelboats have been wearing them concealed under shorts.

Zhik ZKG Wet Deck ShoeSailing Shoes

Released at the beginning of this year, the ZKG Wet Deck Shoe has changed the way people think of sailing boots. Made of neoprene with a super-grip sole, the cool look hasn’t compromised function.

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