APS Custom Jacklines - Webbing over Dyneema

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Tethers and harnesses are only as good as the jacklines to which they are attached. Jacklines are often too stretchy, especially those made of webbing. Remember that jacklines are meant to keep you on the boat, not trolling in the water behind it.

APS Custom Jacklines start with 1/4 in. spectra line that is low stretch, abrasion resistant and has a 6600 lbs. tensile strength. We eye splice each end; one end can be shackled or luggage tagged and the other lashed and tensioned with some 1/8 in. spectra line (sold separately). We then cover the entire length with tubular Polyester webbing to protect the spectra line and keep it from rolling under your feet.


  • 1/4 in. AmSteel Blue
  • 1 in. tubular webbing.

Rigging Charges for Jacklines up to 25 feet, $38 per Jackline. Rigging charges for Jacklines 26 feet and over $50 per jackline.

Consider terminating your jacklines at an aft point that is a whole tether length forward of the stern to minimize the danger of falling out of the boat while tethered.

To ensure that your specific rigging needs are communicated correctly, please call us at 800-729-9767 with your requirements.

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Jacklines are a staple safety item for anyone planning to sail after dusk or blue water cruise -- they keep you attached to the boat via a tether and harness.  While each boat and boat owner has a different view on what or where to attach them, the process of attaching a tether jackline remains the same.  For optimum placement, an additional padeye may need to be installed, so make sure you check this first before getting too far.

APS Jack Lines

APS Jacklines are made and built to your specifications of length, out of 1/4" Dyneema with a polyester tubular webbing as a cover. Each jackline has a loop spliced into each end for attachment.

To attach them, simply luggage tag the fore end of the jackline to a padeye or bow cleat. For the rear attachment we recommend at least 1 tether length from the transom (this is important in case you do fall, that you are not behind the boat). A padeye is generally installed and the jackline is made about a foot shorter than the distance between the two anchor points. A piece of lashing line will be included with your jacklines and by tying a bowline to the padeye and lashing 3-4 times, finishing with half hitches, your jackline will be tight and you're ready to roll!

Remember, as with any piece of safety equipment, regular inspection is recommended and to prolong the life, remove from the deck when at the docks/on the hard.