APS Dry Gloves (Pair)

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These APS Drysuit Dry Gloves are made of the same materials as your existing drysuit seals, the Dry Glove seals can be cut down for the perfect sizing. Try with your choice of liners underneath for added warmth.

  • Fabric:ᅠNatural latex rubber (same as existing drysuit seals)
  • Grip:ᅠTextured palm and grippy latex
  • Fit/Cut:ᅠWrist seal can be trimmed to appropriate size (light to moderate pressure against the wrist)
  • Flexible material
  • Not bulky for less hand fatigue
  • Wrist may be trimmed to fit

Insulation is a function of under layers. Try our polypropylene glove liners or thicker fleece for even warmer hands.

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Features Waterproof
Recommended Use Cold Weather
Material / Fabric Latex rubber
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Video Transcript

These are the APS Winter Dry Glove. If you want dry hands that's what these will give you. They are made of 100% latex rubber, so they're stretchy and they're completely waterproof from the cuff all the way down. So, as I slide these on you'll notice that this part of the glove up here is not open, it actually seals against the skin. So, if I accidentally dunked my hand in the water or [inaudible 00:00:37], I'm not going to have water gushing into the glove. So, if this is a little bit tight, and it's kind of cutting off circulation just like a dry suit seal, you can just cut rings off of this and that will open up the diameter and make it more comfortable on the wrist. So, the glove itself is going to keep your hand dry but it's not going to keep your hand warm.

So, warmth is going to be a factor of what you wear underneath of this, in terms of glove liners, which are available in a number of different thicknesses. The very thin ones for Spring and Summer which just add a little insulation, you could wear two glove liners or go to a medium or a thick one, just depends on how cold it is outside. The palm here and the fingers are textured to give you a little extra grip. You don't have to remember this is a thick, very thick but it is natural latex rubber so if you catch these on a ring ding or sharp surface you could slice these open. It doesn't happen often but it is something to remember. The APS dry glove.