Astral Otter 2.0 Youth PFD (50-90lbs)

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The Otter 2.0 Youth PDF is an update to Astral’s classic youth PFD. Perfectly formulated to keep your child safe, this life jacket is also a good environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PFDs.  Filled with buoyant organic Kapok, this PFD is highly sustainable. More importantly, it is Coast Guard certified so you never have to worry about safety. Fits youth 50-90 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Organic Kapok Fill
  • PolyPro Webbing
  • Front Center Buckle
  • YKK non-corrosive zipper
More Information
Features Breathable
Recommended Use All Sailing
Material / Fabric PolyPro with Organic Kapok Filling
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Video Transcript

This is the Astral Otter 2.0. This is a US Coast Guard Approved PFD, it's a Type 3. Talk about a scaled down adult version, this is just a mini adult vest it looks like to me, with very similar features. Starting from the top I've got adjustable shoulder straps that are padded through this area. And as I come down here, there's actually no zipper so this is allowed to kind of articulate a little bit. I have a small snap here to close and then I have a middle strap right here that's adjustable there, there, and there, and then I have a waist strap, buckle, adjustment, adjustment, adjustment.

The more adjustments, the better the fit you can get out of the vest. When you adjust the sides, this is rather unique and something Astral's known for in a lot of their vests. If you can see here, when you adjust this strap this slides along a channel and the vest remains as kind of one integrated piece, and that happens on both sides. So, a very custom fit with this. I've got small zipper pockets with a lanyard attachment here. And on the back, this is a foam panel, and on the front, this is a Kapok. And you'll notice they have it cut very low on the body so this is all open, very easy to move in, very comfortable. And Kapok is a natural substance and it's really soft, I mean, this is like a down pillow, so quite a comfortable, easy to move in vest.

In terms of additional safety features, if you would like, this includes leg straps. And these are attached to this point in the back, they would run through the legs and to the front of the vest, and one leg strap would attach here, and the other one would attach here. And that way you can cinch the vest down, keep it from riding up. And if you go in the water that also keeps it down low and keeps you floating up high.

This is the Astral Otter 2.0 Youth PFD.