BlackMax Boom 55mm, for BlackGold

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This 55mm BlackMax Boom is specifically designed for taller/larger Opti Sailors. It is an ultra-stiff, lightweight boom that can be used without a bridle, which enables a larger sailor to jump across the boat and not land too far aft while tacking.

This boom is made from seamless extruded (not welded) high-grade, tempered aluminum tube.

Boom is fitted with:

  • Captive eye straps
  • Black nylon inboard and outboard end-fittings
  • Nylon outhaul cleat
  • 4mm Vectran outhaul and bridle
  • 6mm Vectran/wire vang
  • Outhaul trim gauge

The BlackGold Spar Series by Optiparts have been the first choice of top Opti sailors since they made their debut. Nearly every major international championship has chosen them as the ultimate rig for their reliability and proven performance. Feature for feature, there is no equal to the Optiparts BlackGold Spars.

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