Board Carpet - Adhesive Backed (per ft)

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The SLG001 Daggerboard Carpet will seal and shim your board trunk. It has a peel-away backing with an aggressive, waterproof adhesive. You'll need six feet to do the top and bottom of your V15 trunk. Sold by the foot. 1 in. wide, 1/4 in. Thick.

Note: Not all V15 daggerboard trunks can accommodate the SLG001 board carpet. The newer hulls (post-2001/'02) incorporate a rubber fender built into the trailing edge which makes glide tape the better shim. If the trunk does not have this fender, it is generally a bit looser, making carpet beneficial. This design change took place to make the boats more resistant to the impact of a grounding, but had the effect of tightening up the trunk as an added benefit, thus making the carpet a bit too thick as a shim. Please carefully inspect your daggerboard to determine whether carpet or glide tape will best suit your boat's specific shimming needs.

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