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Eyestraps Fairleads Bullseyes Padeyes & Anchor Plates U & Eye Bolts Springs and Standup Boots
EyestrapsFairleadsBullseyesPadeyes & Anchor PlatesU & Eye BoltsSprings and Standup Boots

Bullseyes, Eyestraps, Fairleads and Padeyes
Sailing complimentary hardware is an important part to your sailboat. Whether placed on cleats, used as attachment points for blocks, help blocks stand up or help to guide lines across the deck, complimentary hardware plays a vital role in making your job easier. Deck hardware like bullseyes, eyestraps, fairleads, and pad eyes are a necessary part to keep your deck organized and efficient.

Eyestraps: Eyestraps work well for light duty mounting bases for blocks, lashdown points and fairleads. We carry Harken Eyestraps, Ronstan Eyestraps, Wichard Eyestraps and RWO Eyestraps.
Fairleads: Fairleads are designed to lead lines, redirect lines and keep control lines organized. We offer SeaSure Fast Leads, Spinlock Soft Fairleads, RWO Bridge Fairleads, Holt Allen Bridge Fairleads, Allen Low Profile Fairleads, Foresail Fairleads Boweye Fittings.
Bullseyes: Fairlead Bullseyes have a smooth rounded shape to guide and redirect lines and are sometime called deadeyes. We carry RWO Bullseyes, Ronstan Bullseyes, Harken Bullseyes and Allen Bullseyes.
Padeyes and Anchor Plates: Pad Eyes are designed to work as a base to attach blocks, shackles, jacklines or anything that needs a secure attachment to the deck. Folding pad eyes are great as spinnaker guy blocks, tweakers or barberhaulers. We have Schaefer Pad Eyes, Selden Fixed Pad Eyes, Selden Foldable Pad Eyes, Harken Padeyes, Lewmar Racing Padeyes, Wichard Folding Pad Eyes and Wichard Tow Rail Pad Eyes. Allen Anchor Plates are suitable for dinghy mast struts.
U Bolts and Eye Bolts: U Bolts and Eye Bolts are typically through bolted and are most commonly used for higher load attachment points for blocks, tow lines, or the like. We have Wichard Watertight U Bolts, Ronstan Welded Eye Bolts and RWO U Bolt also known as the RWO Boweye.
Springs and Standup Boots: Keep your blocks upright and not hitting the deck with a spring, standup boot or spring cup. Springs support blocks on padeyes, eyestraps, bases and traveler cars. Standup boots are great for holding up blocks while maintaining a smooth surface to prevent snagging lines. We have Harken Springs, Harken Boots, Selden Standup Springs, Ronstan Springs and RWO Standup boots.

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