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Lewmar One Touch Handle

Lewmar One Touch Handle

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Lewmar One-Touch Winch Handle
Single Grip or Power Grip
8" Length or 10" Length

With its patented “one touch” lock-in mechanism, Lewmar’s OneTouch winch handle aims to provide sailors with a stylish, powerful and easy-to-use handle that offers rapid and simple winch entry and exit.

The OneTouch handle uses a plunger pin and ball mechanism similar to that employed by the quick release steering wheels in Formula 1 racing cars. To insert, simply squeeze the handle and place it into the winch. To remove, squeeze and remove it all in one motion. Both operations can be performed one-handed.

The mechanism employs two pins that automatically retract into the bi-square when the handle arm is squeezed. These pins extend when the handle arm is released, and provide a secure lock preventing the handle from being inadvertently knocked out of the winch. Insertion or removal of the handle is now achieved in one quick and easy operation instead of fumbling with traditional bi-square locks.

LW29140040 One Touch Winch Handle: 8", Single Grip Price: $92.91 LW29140042 One Touch Winch Handle: 8", Power Grip Price: $99.45
LW29140044 One Touch Winch Handle: 10", Single Grip Price: $115.43 LW29140046 One Touch Winch Handle: 10", Power Grip Price: $119.09

Ronstan Quick-Lock Winch Handles

Ronstan Quick-Lock Winch Handles Ronstan Quick-Lock Winch Handles
8" or 10"
Single Grip or Palm Grip

Ronstan Quick-Lock Winch Handles are available in two different grip models, standard and palm grip to ensure the best design for you whether racing or cruising. With forged construction and a anodized finish to prevent corrosion, it is one of the lightest quick release handle's on the market.

Ronstan developed the Quick-Lock handle with their patented auto locking mechanism which provides fast, easy, and secure insertion. The large and easy to locate release button extends up the length of the handle creating easy grab-and-release one-handed removal.

Available in two different sizes, the 8" (200 mm) handles are ideal for smaller boats with restricted space, and great in light air where speed is more important than power.

The 10" handle (250 mm) is the most common handle length for the majority of sailors, and provides a greater mechanical advantage, which is the basis on how winch power ratios are calculated.

RF4409 Lock Replacement for Quicklock Winch Handles Price: $12.24 RF4410 QuickLock Winch Handle 8" Single Price: $92.61
RF4415 QuickLock Winch Handle 10" Single Price: $103.02 RF4430 QuickLock Winch Handle 8" Palm Grip Price: $97.71
RF4435 QuickLock Winch Handle 10" Palm Grip Price: $107.91

Harken Ball Bearing Winch Handles

Harken Ball Bearing Winch Handles Harken Ball Bearing Winch Handles
8" or 10"
Locking or Non-Locking
Low Profile, Speed Grip or Double Grip

Aluminum handles feature ball bearing grip for smooth, comfortable operation. Ball bearing grip ensures power is transmitted into the winch with the greatest efficiency and no annoying drag.

HB10ADL 10" Alum. Double Grip Handle - Locking Price: $157.44 HB10AL 10" Alum. Handle - Locking Price: $95.38
HB10AP 10" Alum. Handle - Non Locking Price: $82.80 HB10ASG 10" Alum. Speed Grip Handle Price: $107.04
HB8AL 8" Alum. Handle - Locking Price: $81.00 HB8AP 8" Alum. Handle - Non Locking Price: $64.80
HB8ASG 8" Alum. Speed Grip Handle Price: $94.44 HB8ASGLP 8" Alum. Low Profile Handle Price: $91.76

Lewmar Titan Floating Winch Handle - Locking

Lewmar Titan Floating Winch Handle - Locking Lewmar Titan Floating Winch Handle - Locking
8" or 10"

Titan Floating Winch Handles have been carefully designed for the day sailor with simple but effective features to keep costs down. Manufactured from high grade injection molded glass nylon. The handle is made in two sections then ultrasonically welded creating a box section designed for strength and stiffness.

8" winch handle is compact, making it the right fit for lower loads or rapid action.

10" winch handle is larger for higher loads to produce the maximum power ratio for the winch.

LW29146300 Titan 8" Floating Winch Handle Price: $56.67 LW29146310 Titan 10" Floating Locking Winch Handle Price: $56.22

Harken SpeedGrip Winch Handles

Harken SpeedGrip Winch Handles

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Harken SpeedGrip Winch Handle
8" Low Profile, 8" Speed Grip or 10" Speed Grip

Harken SpeedGrip handles are designed for the serious racer and effective in both light and heavy air conditions. The unique grip permits low-load fast cranking using the palm, and powerful two-handed grinding when loads are high. The low profile B8ASGLP is made for fast, one-handed cranking where speed is the concern, not power.

The 10" handle (254 mm) is the most comfortable handle length for most sailors - published winch power ratios are based on this length.

8" (203 mm) handles grind faster because they swing through a smaller circle, but power is reduced by 20% - these handles are ideal for smaller boats and light air where speed is more important than power.

All SpeedGrip handles are lock-in handles, which are easy to engage and release with a thumb switch.

HB10ASG 10" Alum. Speed Grip Handle Price: $107.04 HB8ASG 8" Alum. Speed Grip Handle Price: $94.44
HB8ASGLP 8" Alum. Low Profile Handle Price: $91.76

Dax OneTouch Winch Handle

Dax OneTouch Winch Handle

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Dax OneTouch Winch Handle
Standard or Palm Grip

From the designer of the OneTouch winch handle comes the Dax OneTouch Composite Winch Handle. Notice the wider grab bar for easier releases, and the higher arc for ease of operation. The winch insert is refined for smoother insert and removal.

Made with 50% long-strand fiber filled nylon which is extremely strong and stiff. All metal parts are either 6061-T6 high strength aluminum or 316 marine grade stainless steel. The PalmGrip was upgraded in 2008 to a slightly larger, stronger yet lighter (by 2.5oz) model.

Available in Standard or Palm Grip models. Both have a grip that spins on a dual race of Grade-1 Delrin ball bearings. The standard grip is designed to meet the needs of a cruising sailor, on boats where sail loads are not that high or in "pit" where you're grinding level or below the winch. The palm grip is designed for fast trimming with two hands or on boats with high loads, works well in fine trimming too.

Both versions are 9.5” long.

Lewmar Winch Handles

Lewmar Winch Handles

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Lewmar Winch Handles
Locking, Non Locking, Double and Power Grip
8" or 10"

Lewmar Winch handles are available in standard and forged (race) aluminum. Available in multiple configurations, all have ball bearings for maximum efficiency.

8" winch handle is compact, making it the right fit for lower loads or rapid action.

10" winch handle is larger for higher loads to produce the maximum power ratio for the winch.

PowerGrip handle allows fast initial cranking thats both easy and comfortable. When loads increase, it's designed to use the second handle grip for your other hand for serious grinding.

Handle replacement kits also available.

LW29140100 10" Alum POWER GRIP - Non Lock Price: $92.22 LW29140121 10" Chrome POWER GRIP - Locking Price: $129.37
LW29141010 8" Alum. - Non Locking Price: $57.21 LW29141011 8" Alum. - Locking Price: $91.72
LW29141110 10" Alum. - Non Locking Price: $85.34 LW29141111 10" Alum. - Locking Price: $99.45

Schaefer Carbon Winch Handle

Schaefer Carbon Winch Handle

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Schaefer Carbon Winch Handle
8" Locking

Taking their traditional winch handle to another level, Schaefer introduces their carbon fiber winch handle. Manufactured from compressed carbon fiber.

The ultimate strength achieved from the handle is exceptional and very light weight. Smooth and secure grip is ball bearing single grip. Finished weight is .508lbs (8.13 oz).

Product Review:
These products have been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

SCWH8 Schaefer Carbon Winch Handle 8 In. Locking Price: $113.60

Selden Reversible Winch Handle

Selden Reversible Winch Handle

Selden Reversible Winch Handle

The Selden Reversible Winch handle is used in conjunction with the Selden Reversible Winch. The backwind is operated with a push button located on the top of the handle. The handle locks into position and can easily be released with a knob.

SLD53392710 Winch Handle for Reversible Winches Price: $95.00

Antal Winch Handles

Antal Winch Handles Now with a new Yellow trim color. Constructed of aluminum with ball bearing hand grips. Although very light, these handles are also extremely strong and have proven themselves on the water receiving rave reviews from the race course.

AT2011 8" Locking Winch Handle Price: $68.00 AT2011NL 8" Winch Handle Non-Locking Price: $63.00
AT2012 8" Locking Winch Handle w/Ball Price: $88.00 AT2021 10" Locking Winch Handle Price: $96.00
AT2022 10" Locking Winch Handle w/Ball Price: $114.00 AT2023 10" Locking Double Grip Handle Price: $132.00

APS Soft Handle Holders

APS Soft Handle Holders Made of a tough-wearing, marine mesh material that holds its shape for easy handle storage. Triple grommets for fastener mounting. Lighter than most other pockets.

MSTC919 Soft Side Winch Handle Holder Price: $16.14

Winch Handle Holder by Lewmar

Winch Handle Holder by Lewmar Constructed of tough, flexible PVC, fits all manufacturers handles.

LW29140020 Winch Handle Pocket - Lewmar Price: $17.85

Lewmar Winch Handle Service Kits

Lewmar Winch Handle Service Kits Kits contain everything you need to rebuild the ball bearing handle or the locking mechanism.

LW29140011 Winch Handle Grip Repair Kit Price: $28.14 LW29140012 Handle Lock In Repair Kit for 8 Inch Handles Price: $25.33
LW29140013 Handle Lock In Repair Kit for 10 Inch Handles Price: $25.33

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