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TackTick Micronet Race Master

TackTick Micronet Race Master

The next generation of TackTick's popular Master Series, the Micronet Race Master comes loaded with user and installation friendly features. Its two-tier display shows your heading, how far you are above or below the mean course, and how much you are being headed or lifted. It will enable you to establish quickly and easily which is the favored end of the start line, and will help you sail the shortest distance to the windward mark. Downwind, you can see how far off dead downwind you are, and when you should gybe for optimal VMG.

The Race Master is a wireless device, so there are no wires to run or connections to make during installation. It also features three level backlighting, a battery level indicator, waterproofing up to 10m (~33 ft.) and a lightweight (1.0 lbs), shock resistant display with super-large digits for easy viewing anywhere on your boat.

The unit will display the following data: compass heading, wind shifts, line bias and a race timer. The system can then be further extended to allow the addition of Boat Speed, Depth, Wind and GPS information as well as compatibility with the complete range of Micronet Displays. With the multitude of options that are available with the Micronet system, you can create your own personalized system with ease.

Also available is the Race Master System, which offers you all of the benefits of the Race Master but also includes the Micronet Hull Triducer (provides temperature, boat speed and depth data), Hull Transmitter (for Triducer) and Solar Panel (for Hull Transmitter).

TKT070 Micronet Race Master Price: $849.99 TKT075 Micronet Race Master System Price: $1,639.99

Tacktick Master Mounting Options

Tacktick Master Mounting Options

Mounting options for the Tacktick Micronet Race Master include:

- Mast Bracket: Designed to be used with slugs and display one Race Master. Includes 2 metal slugs, 4 M4 Bolts and 2 velcro straps.

- Large Deck Bracket: Designed to be mounted on a horizontal surface. Be aware that compass is only accurate when mounted within 20 degrees of vertical. All you need are 4 non-magnetic screws.

- Maxi Mast Bracket: Mounts a single race master and needs 6 3/16" monel rivets to secure the mount to the mast. The display fixing bolts are supplied.

- Mast Bracket Maxi 2 Up: Designed to mount two Race Master displays. Combining two displays together allows simultaneous display of heading, speed, depth and head/lift wind information. All you need are 8 4.8mm rivets suitable for your mast.

TKT050 Large Deck Bracket - MASTER Price: $69.99 TKT137 Mast Bracket Slug Slide Mounted - Single Display Price: $122.99
TKT231 Mast Braket Screw/Rivet Mounted - Single Display Price: $169.99 TKT232 Mast Bracket Screw/Rivet Mount - Double Display Price: $219.99

Tacktick MN100 Series

Tacktick MN100 Series With a large digital display it displays any single data type. Backlighting and totally waterproof it comes with the necessary accessories to display data like apparent wind speed/angle, high wind alarm, true wind speed, true wind direction, VMG to wind, header or lift indicator, heading, off course alarm, tack course, boatspeed, log, trip log, average speed, max speed, speed over ground, course over ground, lat/long, VMG to waypoint, cross track error, TTG, waypoint and XTE alarms, depth, shallow/deep depth alarm, sea temperature, race timer, performance data.

The mn100 Series contains the following:
- T110 Digital Display
- T120 Wind Transmitter
- T121 Hull Transmitter
- T911 Speed Transducer
- T912 Depth Transducer

Tacktick mn100 Series Accessories

Tacktick mn100 Series Accessories

TKT101 Wind System Price: $1,376.99 TKT106 Remote Disp. & Wireless NMEA Interface Kit Price: $799.99
TKTA100 Wind Vane, Bearing & Stud Replacement Price: $61.18 TKTA101 Wind Anemometer Cup Replacement Kit (3) Price: $22.08
TKTA105 Soft Case for mn100 Displays Price: $37.50 TKTA106 Sun Cover for mn100 Displays Price: $22.08

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