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PSP Kevlar Sail Repair Tape

PSP Kevlar Sail Repair Tape Kevlar Sail Repair Tape
Rolls are 3" (75mm) wide x 5' (1.5m) long.

Manufactured from a Kevlar scrim, encapsulated in a Mylar film then coated with an aggressive UV resistant acrylic adhesive, ideal for repairs to laminate sails.

HAP027501000 Kevlar Repair Tape, 3" x 5' Price: $39.66

PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape

PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape
Rolls are 2" (50mm) x 6.5' (2m) or 4" (100mm) x 6.5' (2m).

Self-adhesive polymide fabric tape for permanent sail repair. Seawater and weather resistant. Supple yet exceptionally strong. White.

HAP035002010 HD Sail Repair Tape, 2" x 6.5' Price: $35.67 HAP039902010 HD Sail Repair Tape, 4" x 6.5' Price: $35.67

PSP Mylar Repair Tape, Clear

PSP Mylar Repair Tape, Clear Mylar Repair Tape - Clear
Rolls are 2" (50mm) x 9' (3m) or 6" (152mm) x 9' (3m).

Remove the white release liner to expose a transparent repair tape for semi-permanent repairs to sail windows and Mylar sails.

HAP045003000 Mylar Repair Tape, Clear, 2" x 9' Price: $9.38 HAP049803000 Mylar Repair Tape, Clear, 6" x 9' Price: $22.68

Spinnaker Repair Tape

Spinnaker Repair Tape Rip stop nylon. Available in White, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, and Black colors.

Rolls are 2" wide x 25' long.

BBJ601BK Spin Repair Tape, Black Price: $8.68 BBJ601BU Spin Repair Tape, Dark Blue Price: $8.68
BBJ601GR Spin Repair Tape, Green Price: $8.86 BBJ601HP Spin Repair Tape, Hot Pink Price: $10.80
BBJ601LB Spin Repair Tape, Light Blue Price: $8.86 BBJ601RD Spin Repair Tape, Red Price: $8.68
BBJ601WT Spin Repair Tape, White Price: $8.68 BBJ601YL Spin Repair Tape, Yellow Price: $8.86

Dacron Repair Tape

Dacron Repair Tape Heavy duty tape for repairing sails.

Rolls are 2" wide x 15' long.

BBJ610WT Dacron Repair Tape, 2" x 15' Price: $5.72

Weatherproof Duct Tape

Weatherproof  Duct Tape Weatherproof Duct Tape
Rolls are 2" wide x 180' long.

This cloth-based duct tape is made to withstand the extremes of weather. Made of a strong cloth base and very aggressive adhesive. Not the stuff from the hardware store. White or gray. These are huge 60 yard rolls - not 60 feet.

SST112 Weatherproof Duct Tape, 2" x 180' Price: $16.00

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