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Thule Roof Rack Systems

Thule Roof Rack Systems

We have sold a lot of roof racks by mail order. If you do not know what is needed for your specific vehicle/rack needs just call us and we will find the rack that has been specifically designed for your car or truck. Most installations take only twenty minutes from box to car. It is really that easy. Do not forget bar pads to protect your boat and do not forget locks to prevent the theft of your racks. Load bars should be bought long so the boat and spars will fit - bars can always be shortened with a hack saw.

Thule Fit Kits

Thule Fit Kits Get that perfect fit with a Thule Fit Kit. It adapts to fit on your vehicle make and model. Comes with four pads and four clips designed to perfectly fit your car down to the make, model and year.

To find out what kit your car needs visit Thule Fit Guide.

THKIT Thule Fit Kit Price: $84.95

Tracker II Roof Rack System

Tracker II Roof Rack System For vehicles with track-mounted factory racks. The Tracker II installs in place of your factory bars. Redesigned foot with Click-on/Click-off technology for maximum user-friendliness. Innovative kit system simplifies rack transfer between vehicles. Convenient push button release for rack removal. No loose parts. Comes with four upright feet/bar holders. Requires Tracker Fit Kit (TK1, TK2 or TK3 sold separately).

THTK2 Tracker II Kit System 2 Price: $64.95 THTK3 Tracker II Kit System 3 Price: $64.95

Thule Gutter Foot 300 Roof Rack System

Thule Gutter Foot 300 Roof Rack System Created for cars with rain gutters. Designed to clamp directly to gutters. Perfect and secure fit even with very narrow gutters. Vibration-damping built in and all parts that come in contact with the vehicle have rubber surfaces to protect your paint job. System provides 5 inches of load bar clearance from the top of the car or truck. Comes with four upright feet/bar holders.

TH300 Gutter Foot 300 Pack (4) Price: $179.95

Thule Crossroad

Thule Crossroad

Turns factory installed rails into versitile multipurpose rack systems. Fits more vehicles than any other railing carrier. Rubber coated steel strap provides maximum strength and custom fit. No tools required to install. Locks sold seperately. Also available in half pack.

Thule Load Bars

Thule Load Bars Bars are offered in five different lengths: standard 50 inch, standard 58 inch, 65 inch (used with most dinghies), 78 inch (used on wider boats like the V15), and 96 inch length (special size for double Opti racks). Your specific length will depend on the style of your vehicle and the type of boat you plan to carry.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

THLB50 Thule 50 Load Bars (Pair) Price: $89.95 THLB58 Thule 58 Load Bars (Pair) Price: $89.95
THLB65 Thule 65 Load Bars (Pair) Price: $89.95 THLB78 Thule 78 Load Bars (Pair) Price: $89.95

Thule Lockset for your Rack

Thule Lockset for your Rack These lock cylinders insert permanently into the feet of your racks. The one-key system means one key fits all your locks and only your locks. Set of four.

Thule Mast Holder

Thule Mast Holder A great way to transport your dinghy spars. To take up the least space with multiple spars, alternate them facing upward and downward. Easy to install and use. Latch tightens securely around your spars. Holds most spar sizes with or without sail. Can also carry paddles or oars. Straps included. One pair per package.

Thule Boat Carrier

Thule Boat Carrier A very neat wasy to car top boats that rest on their gunwales (Opti). Padded rests keep the boat from sliding side to side and can be easily adjusted along the width of your Thule load bars to fit the beam of your boat. Padded cradles provide maximum stability for the boat and added protection for the gunwales. The underside of each rest has a guide/channel that holds your Thule straps captive - better locking your boat in place on the rack. Straps included.

Thule Heavy-Duty Straps

Thule Heavy-Duty Straps 15-foot long straps are extremely strong with a sure grip buckle that is easy to adjust and will not slip. Rubber cap slides down over the buckle and protects boat hulls from scratches.

TH523 15 ft Straps w/Rubber Cover (2) Price: $34.95

APS Heavy Duty Straps

APS Heavy Duty Straps Extra long 20 foot straps that are extremely strong with a sure grip buckle that is easy to adjust and will not slip. A wide pad is sewn to the underside of the buckle to protect boat hulls from scratches. Pull the straps tight without a worry. Sold in pairs.

WW03 Padded tie down strap 20' (pr) Price: $20.00

APS Fade Proof Bar Pads

APS Fade Proof Bar Pads The best on the market. Foam padding inside a super, heavy duty, acrylic outer cover. The don't fade even after years in the sun. Shock cord ties on the ends and have a polyester jacket to keep them from breaking down in the sun so you can untie and retie them years later. Elastic ties on each end and a Velcro cinch in the middle. Black with white APS logo. *The 18" are designed to be used with two on each bar.

WW01 Roof Rack Pad 18 (Pair) Price: $27.56 WW02 Roof Rack Pad 48 (Pair) Price: $56.92

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