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Instructional Splicing DVD's by Samson

Instructional Splicing DVD's by Samson You can watch the Samson Master Splicers at work while following along and creating the same splices. Samson's Splicing DVD's focuses on how to create the most popular splices. The videos take you through the step by step process behind splicing while also providing drawn diagrams, visual demonstrations and calculated dimensions. Some Splices covered in the videos include:

  • Three-Strand Splice
  • Six-Strand Splice
  • Eight-Strand Splice
  • Eight x Three-Strand Splice
  • Twelve-Strand Splice
  • Sixteen-Strand Splice
  • Round Plait
  • Eye Splices
  • Class 1 Double Braid
  • Class 2 Double Braid
  • Lock Stitch & Whipping Procedures, Class 1

These videos are available in a two-DVD set.

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SM9960090 Samson Splicing DVD Set Price: $39.50

Making Your Own Eye Splices

Making Your Own Eye Splices If you've been frustrated by the hazy directions in books and pamphlets for making eye splices, here's the antidote. Master rigger Brion Toss of Brion Toss Yacht Riggers, Port Townsend, Washington, demonstrates easy-to-follow procedures for making the following splices:
  • Double-Braid Eye Splice
  • Sta-Set X Eye Splice
  • Double-Braid End-to-End Eye Splice
  • Regatta Braid Eye Splice
  • Spectra Eye Splice
  • Naked Spectra Eye Splice
  • Three-Strand Eye Splice
  • Three-Strand Crown (to chain or shackle)
  • Arborist Rope Eye Splice
Running Time: 140 minutes on 2 DVD's.

RHVMI105D Making Eye Splices DVD Price: $24.95

Sailors' Knots & Splices

Sailors' Knots & Splices Sailors' Knots and Splices is an informative how-to video program covering the basic knots and splices every sailor should know. It's a video for all seasons, a teaching or reviewing tool for both armchair and avid sailors. Presented in a relaxed and informative context, the knots and splices are shown in close-up detail from the viewer's perspective, you can follow the steps with ease - including the more complex knots. Some of the knots covered:
  • Bowline
  • Figure Eight
  • Slipped Reef Knot
  • Rolling Hitch
  • Capstand Hitch
  • Anchor Hitch
  • Three-Strand Eye Splice
  • Double-Braid Eye Splice
  • Sheet and Becket Bends
  • Constrictor Knot
  • Palm-and-needle Whippings
  • Kink-free Coils and Secure Belays
Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes

RHWBP001 DVD: Sailors' Knots & Splices with Brion Toss Price: $19.95

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