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Introduction to Selden GNAV System

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A GNAV is a fixed aluminium compression strut fitted between a hinged or fixed fitting on the aft side of the mast and a slider in the sail groove of the boom. Available for both dinghy and keelboats. The sail must be loose footed as the sail groove is occupied by the GNAV slider. A strap from the slider is lead down to the cockpit. When the strap is tensioned, the slider moves forward and the boom is pushed down. Release the strap and the mainsail will lift the boom.

The GNAV dinghy (SLD02502510) and GNAV keelboat (SLD03803820) systems replace your traditional vang kicker by replacing the locaction of the thrust upward allowing for more room in the cockpit for tacking. When GNAV is used, boom must not be allowed to rotate.

Selden GNAV Fittings: Dinghy

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Selden GNAV Fittings: Dinghy

GNAV (or upside-down, reverse thrust vang system) provides the ultimate solution for extra room and quick tacking. The GNAV's are very popular for both racing and recreational boats due to the huge gain in cockpit space made by removing the conventional vang kicker. Lightweight, efficient and very strong, it offers a multitude of options for controlling boom thrust and increasing cockpit space.

The boom inboard end must be SLD50907802. Bracket part numbers: SLD50842614 & SLD50827314 are for use with new type boom inboard end SLD509081xx. If SLD508273/737 GNAV bracket is used, the sail entry top must be at least 240mm above bracket center. The standard GNAV assembly SLD02502510 includes strut and slide. When using this, the distance between boom bracket and GNAV bracket center is 590mm.

Part # Description
SLD528087 Triangular toggle for GNAV system
SLD50842614 Side attachment GNAV fitting incl. drop nose pin
SLD166665 Drop nose pin
SLD50908109 New GNAV inboard boom end with integral sheaves for gnav and reef lines
SLD31978101 GNAV end fitting
SLD507954 Stainless steel GNAV end
SLD51180501 GNAV car including sheave and clevis pin
SLD50907809 Old style GNAV inboard boom end
SLD02502510 GNAV strut & slider
SLD50842601 GNAV mast bracket, side fit, stainless steel
SLD50827304 GNAV mast bracket, standard fit, stainless steel
SLD50827314 GNAV mast bracket, standard fit, stainless steel, drop pin
SLD50873702 GNAV mast bracket, old type, heavy duty, stainless steel
SLD50907802 GNAV inboard boom end
SLD50506901 Halyard Sheave Box Plastic Ball Bearing

SLD02502510 GNAV strut & slider Price: $168.00 SLD166665 Drop Nose Pin for Gooseneck Price: $16.00
SLD31978101 GNAV End Fitting Price: $21.00 SLD50506901 Halyard Sheave Box Plastic Ball Bearing Price: $26.00
SLD507954 GNAV strut end fitt. stainless steel Price: $16.00 SLD50842601 GNAV mast bracket, side, stainless steel Price: $74.00
SLD50842614 Side attach GNAV fitting w/ d. nose pin Price: $98.00 SLD50873702 GNAV Inboard Boom End Price: $154.00
SLD50907802 GNAV Boom Bracket, Old Type, HD st. steel Price: $56.00 SLD51180501 GNAV car w/ sheave & clevis pin, dinghy Price: $65.00
SLD528087 Gnav Toggle H-24 W-15 Price: $11.00

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