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Swageless Fittings Thimbles, Sleeves and Swage Fittings T-Ball Fittings and Plates & J-Hooks Wire and Dyform
Swageless FittingsThimbles, Sleeves and Swage FittingsT-Ball Fittings and Plates & J-HooksWire and Dyform

Wire and Wire Fittings
Designed to be used with standing rigging, runners, backstays, halyards, and trapeze wires, our wire and wire fittings are available separately or can be customized through the APS Rigging Shop.

Thimbles, Nico, and Swage Fittings: We carry the full range of Loos fittings, which work well for standing rigging. Make sure that mast stays upright with Loos Swage Balls, Loos Swage Terminals, Loos Swage Balls, Loos Swage Terminals, Loos fork Straps, Loos Fork Ends, Loos Eye Ends, Loos Marine Eye Ends, Noreseman Swageless Eye Ends, Norseman Swageless Fork Ends, Loos Oval Nico Press Sleeves, Loos Nico Press Stop Sleeves, Loos Standard Thimbles, Loos Heavy Duty Thimbles and Ronstan Sailmaker Thimbles.
T Ball Fittings and Plates & J-Hook: Designed to work with runners, backstays, and trapezes these fittings are made with stainless steel. We carry T ball Terminals with welded eyes, Norseman Gibb T ball Plates, Norseman T ball Plugs, Norseman T ball Hardware, Small T bail terminal, Navtec T ball Bail Terminals and J hooks.
Wire and Dyform: We have 7 x 19 Wire that is high tensile, flexible stainless steel cable, Non flexible 1 x 19 wire stainless steel strand cable and metric 7 x 19 used for making dinghy main halyards with the Selden Halyard Lock. Generally, wire is used for standing rigging for both dinghies and small keelboats. Another option for dinghies and keelboats is low-stretch Dyform wire. We also carry 1 x 7 Dyform wire and 1 x 19 Dyform wire.

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