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GX Furling System by Selden

The GX Furling System is for every sailor who likes to use spinnakers but want it to be simplified, fast and easy. Unfurling an asymmetric spinnaker will give you instant gratification in terms of sailing performance and true sailing pleasure.

For Cruising
In light winds it takes no time to hoist the furled spinnaker. And once off the wind you simply release the furling line and pull on the sheet and the asymmetric spinnaker unfurls while you remain in the safety of the cockpit. So, with a jib and an asymmetric spinnaker your performance is optimized for all wind angles. At the end of the day the furled sail is a neat, tight roll which is simple to bag and stow.

For Racing
An asymmetric spinnaker measures the same as a regular down wind sail if it has a mid girth of at least 75% of the foot length. This means you can combine the furler with your regular spinnakers without penalty within the ORCi and IRC rules. This will increase you tactical options and will allow for faster and easier headsail changes.

The sail is attached to the freely rotating tack swivel on the drum and to the halyard swivel while the luff is free flying. A rigid anti-torsion line connects the drum and the halyard swivel. When turning the drum the anti-torsion line makes the top of the sail furl first, while the tack is independent on its swivel. This makes for a tightly furled sail from top to bottom.

  • All structural parts are made of high-strength duplex stainless steel which has 50% higher breaking load than 316 stainless steel. This means less material and lower weight.
  • Glass fibre/PA composite for strength and low weight.
  • Impact resistant composite cover around the line driver


Part # Description Drum Dia. Endless Furling Line Dia.* S.W.L. Max Suggested
Sail Area
Anti-Torsion Line Diameter*
in mm in mm lb kg ft^2 m^2 in mm
SLD54501810 GX 7.5 Furler 4.13 105 5/16 8 3,306 750 538 50 5/16 8
SLD54511810 GX 10 Furler 4.72 120 5/16 8 5,511 1,000 861 80 3/8 10.5
SLD54521810 GX 15 Furler 5.9 150 3/8 10 11,023 1,500 1,238 115 1/2 13

*Available in multiple lengths

For up-to-date pricing and availablilty on the GX Furlers, please call our Customer Service Center here at APS (800/729.9767).

SLD54501810 Selden GX 7.5 Furler Price: $845.00 SLD54511810 Selden GX 10 Furler Price: $1,245.00
SLD54521810 Selden GX 15 Furler Price: $1,545.00

KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler by Karver

KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler by Karver

The KSF furler incorporates an independent swivel on the top of the drum that enables the sail to furl from the top to the bottom. Most spinnakers don’t even need to be retrofitted!

A furler is the ideal system to set and strike light sails. In a race utilizing multiple furlers for various sails, Karver offers the advantage of roller furling without the weight and windage of conventional roller reefing systems. The KSF Furler optimizes sail handling with minimal weight aloft. Karver is an industry leader in this concept offering a complete range of superior products for all sailors.

An elastic impact resistant plastic cover encloses the spool. In the event of an impact it resists all permanent deformation that may restrict or interfere with the systems ability to rotate. The plastic cover avoids potential scratches and tears that may occur with a metallic covers when the mechanism is taken off or stored with the sails and sheets.

The KSF Furler has a notch on the spool allowing fitting or removal of the loop line with out removing the line cover or dismounting the system. This eliminates the need to remove the cover and avoids the risk of loosing small parts (screws, pins…). It also keeps the mechanism closer to the deck by avoiding the necessary displacement required for removable covers and increases the available luff length by minimizing the height of the spool and tack fitting.

The swivel or upper mechanism: The loads applied to a furler are particularly high on the swivel. Karver utilizes high resistance stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth rotation under the most extreme loads.

Maintenance free and protected by a special anodizing with Teflon impregnation.

The tack line can be adjusted from the cockpit to fine tune spinnaker position and shape. Once the luff is tensioned, the furling is more efficient enabling the user to drop the sail faster.

The same furler can be interchanged to use with the full inventory of sails: Code sail, staysail, or asymmetrical spinnaker.

The only piece added compared to a standard KF drum is the independent swivel on the top, which helps to keep the system light.

Part # Description Drum Dia. Continuous Line Dia. Height Weight S.W.L. Break Strength
in mm in mm in mm in mm lb kg lb kg
KSF1 KSF Furler 1 4.37 111 1/4 6 4.17 106 .64 582 3,306 1,500 6,613 3,000
KSF2 KSF Furler 2 5.67 144 5/16 8 5.04 128 1.32 950 5,511 2,500 11,023 5,000
KSF5 KSF Furler 5 6.54 166 3/8 10 5.74 146 2.42 1985 11,023 5,000 22,046 10,000
KSF8 KSF Furler 8 8.15 207 3/8 10 7.2 183 3.42 2690 17,636 8,000 35,274 16,000

For up-to-date pricing and availablilty on the KSF Furlers, please call our Customer Service Center here at APS (800/729.9767).

KBKSF1 KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler Price: $1,980.00 KBKSF2 KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler Price: $2,760.00
KBKSF5 KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler Price: $4,890.00 KBKSF8 KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler CALL FOR PRICE Price: $0.00

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