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Super Spars OEM Replacement Parts

Super Spars OEM Replacement Parts

Part Number Description Use
SPS018 Mast Step with Track (11/16" Wide, 5-3/4" Long) Use with Tenon Heel Type Plugs
SPS038 Chafe Pad Set (2), self-adhesive backing Protect the mast from wear
SPS040 Tenon Heel Plug Fits Masts M1-M7
SPS041 Boom End Inboard Boom End, fits all Super Spar Booms
SPS009 Mainsail Track Entry Molding Luff track feeder molding
SPS039 Boom End Small, Plastic, fitting that keeps the boom from scratching the deck, slides onto track on the underside of boom
SPS010 Replacement Sheave Replacement Sheave with Plain Bearing for all Super Spars boom end fittings and masthead
SPS043 Tack Pin and Line Boom Tack Pin and Line, used on all Super Spar or Proctor Booms
SPS042 Boom End Outboard Boom End, fits all Super Spar Booms
SPS008 Chafe Collar, black anodized aluminum Protect the mast at the partners or as a reinforcement where the spreaders are attached to the mast

SPS008 Mast Chafe Collar Price: $30.60 SPS009 Mainsail Track Entry Molding Price: $5.89
SPS010 Replacement Sheave Plain Bearing Price: $3.31 SPS018 Mast Step Price: $39.09
SPS038 Chafe Pads (pair) Price: $20.95 SPS039 Boom End/Deck Protector Price: $5.89
SPS040 Tenon Heel Plug Price: $28.29 SPS041 Boom End (Inboard) Price: $30.60
SPS042 Boom End (Outboard) Price: $30.60 SPS043 Boom Tack Pin w/Line Price: $3.04

Super Spars OEM Sheave Box

Super Spars OEM Sheave Box This sheave box is designed specifically for the Super Spars Mast. It has an alloy body and a 1-7/16 inch diameter x 1/4 inch wide plain bearing acetal sheave. The hole size for this box is 2-3/16 x 1/2 inch.

SPS012 Sheave Box Jib Plain Bearing Price: $40.14

Super Spars OEM Goosenecks

Super Spars OEM Goosenecks Super Spars OEM replacement goosenecks. SPS001 is a 1/2 inch round pin assembly with a toggle on the base. SPS002 is a complete assembly replacement with a 1/2 round gooseneck pin.

SPS001 Gooseneck Pin 1/2 Round Price: $39.25 SPS002 Gooseneck Assy Complete Price: $76.35

Super Spars OEM Spreader Assembly

Super Spars OEM Spreader Assembly Part SPS004 is the aluminum spreader assembly with extendable outboard ends that is 18-1/2+ inches long (Sold in Pairs). Use with a Super Spars stainless steel spreader bracket (SPS003) and inboard adjusters (SPS005) for fine angle adjustments on or off the water. Bracket and adjusters sold separately. Attach the spreaders to the bracket with the hardware sold separately as SPS007. Replacement extendable spreader ends are sold in pairs as SPS006.

SPS003 Spreader Bracket Price: $108.38 SPS004 Spreaders w/Adj O/B Ends (pr) Price: $53.85
SPS005 Spreader Angle Adjuster (pr) Price: $60.26 SPS006 Rplcmnt Spreader Adj O/B Ends (pair) Price: $7.99
SPS007 Spreader Nut/Bolt/SetScrew Price: $7.83

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