C420 Jib Halyard: 1/8" Vectran, Unrigged

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If you are serious about racing a Club 420, this is the jib halyard package you'll want. The system APS C420 Jib Halyard: 1/8 in Vectran Unrigged system completely replaces the wire in the jib halyard system with super-strong and lightweight Vectran. You would reuse the block and shackle from your current halyard. This version allows you to simply and easily luggage tag the block and shackle on, making the switch easy and painless.


  • C420 Jib Halyard without Hardware

  • Diameter: 1/8 in (3mm)
  • Line: Yale Vectrus 12 - High Performance - Uncovered Vectran single-braid provides zero stretch with zero water absorption.
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