Harken Carbo Racing Foil Unit 1 Kit, 12m

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The ultra-smooth twin headstay grooves, the strong yet lightweight resin head foil, the hardcoat-anodized Prefeeder, and the aluminum chafe guard all play a part in making hoists, douses and sail changes even faster with the Harken Carbo Foil Kits.

The impact resistance of this system is unmatched with far less foil damage from loaded spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has little effect on stiffness. Foils are UV protected and sport a black color that makes it easier to see against a light sky, ensuring less strain on the eyes of your jib trimmer. An aluminum chafe guard keeps spinnaker sheets from damaging the foil during high-speed jibes.

Testing shows this guard weighs the same as aramid fiber or composite, and is impervious to wear, unlike UHMW plastic tape which wears away quickly.

More Information
Color Black
Max Headstay Length (ft) 42' 8"
Max Headstay Length (M) 13
Max Rod (dash) -17
Max Rod (mm) 8.38
Weight (kg) 3.18
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